• Pastel Goth and Vintage Faves Hit The Mix!



    Hey Zwinky Buddies!

    The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived — an awesome new collection has landed at The Mix?! Oh yea!!! read more »

  • Helpful Hints


    Hey Zwinks!

    Did you forget about me? I haven’t gone anywhere! Zwinky Player Support and I have been silent but still helping everyone. :-)

    The team and I have noticed that a lot of you are helping keep Zwinky fun and safe for all by reporting others that are misbehaving, and we really appreciate it! Since it’s been a while, I thought that I’d touch base with everyone and ask for a little more help.

    As you all know, there are different ways to report bad Zwinksters. Follow the steps below to make sure that you are reporting players correctly.

    Reporting Inappropriate Behavior in Zwinky

    Reporting another player this way will provide us with a chat transcript to catch the culprit…so remember to follow these instructions.

    1. Click on the small red flag to the right of the text box in your chat bar. This is the “Report Abuse” icon.


    2. Read the tips on the Report Abuse Page.
    3. If you need additional help, click on the link within this page to send a formal report.


     When you get to the Zwinktopia Abuse Report form,
    please provide as many details about your experience as possible.

    Reporting Inappropriate Designs

    To report an inappropriate item that you see in Zwinktopia:

    1. Click on the Zwinky wearing the item to launch their Mini Profile.
    2. Click on the “Inappropriate Item” flag in the lower left corner of the Zwinky image.

    3. Fill out the form and provide as much detail as possible.


    4. Submit the form by clicking on the “Report” button.




    • All reports that we receive are reviewed.
    • Please submit ONE report per player. Reporting someone more than once makes it difficult for us to help everyone timely.
    • Make sure to use the correct method. Just like on TV, we need evidence to take action. ;-)


    Thanks for the help and Stay Safe!

  • 50% OFF at House of Hearts


    Hey Zwinks! As if your February couldn’t get cooler, all of the lovely clothes and furniture at House of Hearts are now 50% OFF! Keep love alive and stock up on heartfelt goodies before they disappear for another year!

    High five!

  • New Zwinkster Designs at House of Hearts + Forget-Me-Not Formal


    Hi, my lovely Zwinky buddies!

    Love is in the air…and Zwinkster Valentine’s Day designs are now available at House of Hearts! Yay! read more »

  • House of Hearts Part 1


    Hola Zwinks! Do you see Cupid flying over your shoulder? Do you feel warm and fuzzy all over? This can mean only one thing: The House of Hearts is open for all your Valentine’s Day needs! So if you’re feeling a bit like you need a love boost, or if maybe you have a thing for all kinds of hearts, head on over and get Zwinkified in all the best designs. You’ll be zwooning over these romantic offerings.

    That’s not all: Zwinkster-designed fashions arrive in the store soon, so keep your wanderin’ eye out for that.

    High five!

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