• Harajuku Returns to The Mix!



    Hi Zwinks!

    The Sugar Plum Palace has melted away in the summer sun, and our brief sleigh ride through a winter wonderland is gone. We hope you enjoyed our quick dip down winter holiday lane. To help you along your merry way, we’ve brought a favorite theme back to The Mix…Harajuku!

    Be a star!

  • The Return of Sugar Plum Palace


    The temperatures are rising but we still have the holidays in our hearts in Zwinktopia! If you feel the need to cool off and maybe get a bit of that holiday spirit back, the Sugar Plum Palace has returned! Head on over and pick out some of the festive goodies you may have missed back in December! Happy (off-season) holidays to you all, Zwinks!

  • July Zworoscopes Are Here!


    The temps are rising as the year continues to trek by. How is it possibly July already? Time keeps flying. Hopefully all Zwinks are enjoying some summertime relaxation, but even if you’re still hard at work the stars have something to tell you this month.

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  • New Feature on Zwinky: Take A Zelfie!


    Hello Zwinks!

    We’re happy to bring you a new and exciting thing to do in Zwinktopia this week! You know how you are already there, having the best time ever, hanging out with your fellow Zwinks? Well, now you can capture the moment with our new Zelfie feature! Gather your friends (or hang out solo in your best new look), say something funny, and snap the new camera button in the actions bar at the bottom of the window. You can then optionally add funny props or a caption to make it more like a comic…or you can just keep your Zelfie as is. Then, share your creations with friends or save it to your hard drive. If you have questions or would like more deets, check out this Zelfie FAQ.

    So many options! So, what are you going to wear for your first Zelfie? I can’t wait to see your creations!

    High five!

  • Zwinky’s 8th Birthday and New Music Mix!



    Hey, Zwinks…Are you bouncing your head to some new tunes? Hitting the dancefloor with fierceness? We have a new mix for those who can’t stop the music. read more »

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